About WE Local

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What is WE Local?

WE Local conferences are organized by the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) to bring together participants in all stages of their collegiate and professional journey. The conferences create space for engineers, technologists, and partners to connect through professional development sessions, inspirational speakers, networking opportunities, and more.

WE Local attendees range from university students to senior-level professionals who come from a variety of engineering and technology disciplines, as well as non-technical backgrounds. The conferences also attract male allies who play an important role in advancing women in STEM. All are welcome at WE Local. 

"There's enough time to visit the career fair and get the most out of the conference. Great companies and great presence to help young ladies get that first step of industry experience."

– WE Local Attendee

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Our History

The very first WE Local conference was held in Amsterdam in May of 2015. WE Local Europe has continued to take place annually in different cities across the continent. 

In 2016 the first WE Local conference was held in India in the city of Pune. After three consecutive years in Pune, the conference moved to Bengaluru, which is one of the world’s fastest-growing tech hubs.

In 2017 the WE Local conferences expanded to the United States with events in Pittsburgh, PA, and San Jose, CA. Each year since then, there have been 3-5 WE Locals held across the country.

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