Speak at WE Local

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Keynote Speakers

Nominate a STEM leader or change-maker who has an inspirational story to share with our SWE community. 

Keynotes deliver thought-provoking and motivational content that draws from personal experience. For an example of a past successful keynote address, view Dr. Sonia Rocha-Sanchez’s Keynote.

Don’t miss this chance to share your voice and contribute to the success of WE Local.



WE Local Keynote Speaker Criteria:

  • Recognized for an engineering, scientific, leadership, or entrepreneurial achievement
  • Known as a technical, executive, or policy leader in their field
  • Engaging speaker
  • Identifies as female/woman

WE Local Keynote Submission REQUIREMENTS:
• Speaker First & Last Name
• Email
• Phone Number
• Relationship to Speaker, if nominating
• Pronouns
• Title/Position
• Organization
• Credentials (examples include BS, Ph.D., P.E., etc.)
• Racial / Cultural Group
• Gender Identity
• Identify as a member of the LGBTQ+ community
• Years of Experience speaker has related to the topic
• Public Speaking and Presentation Experience
• Are they a SWE member?
• Are they a Paid Speaker?
• LinkedIn Profile
• Bio (150-word limit)
• Briefly describe the speaker’s current role
• Proposed topic (100 words or less) & 2 key takeaways
• Written examples of most recent speaking engagements (last 3 years)
• Video Submission (5 min. max – in a setting similar to SWE Annual)
• Headshot

Breakout Session Speakers

WE Local is seeking speakers to contribute content related to a variety of topics including academia, entrepreneurship, career advancement strategies, DEI, re-entering the workforce, and more.