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WE Local is a Society of Women Engineers (SWE) program that brings together participants in all stages of their collegiate and professional journeys. The program hosts conferences around the globe so engineers can connect through professional development workshops, inspirational speakers, networking opportunities and outreach activities.

WE Local North America

WE Local North America conferences are created by SWE Headquarters (HQ) and the WE Local Advisory Board (LAB) with support from the WE Local Host Committees (LHC). In 2018, WE Local support grew by 42% in SWE member participation which is the equivalent to 48 members.

In 2019, SWE Headquarters will work with 92 SWE members from around the United States. In addition, SWE Members have two dozen leadership opportunities to serve within WE Local. This opportunity has doubled since 2018! Learn more about WE Local roles and responsibilities.


In 2014, SWE Headquarters (HQ) approached volunteer leadership with the idea of leading the coordination and execution of SWE region conferences. Volunteer leadership and HQ staff recognized there were instances of leadership burnout in organizing the conferences, limited volunteer resources and, in some cases, inconsistent participant experiences at the conferences. As a result, the board of directors created a Region Conferences task force comprised of former region governors, board members and HQ staff to lay the groundwork for shifting the responsibilities and structure of the region conferences.

The task force mapped out the initial next steps and communication plan for implementing the WE Local model. A primary goal of the task force was to ensure that the WE Local conferences retained the same sense of community that was ever-present at the region conferences, while also providing a consistent and compelling experience for all career stages. Additionally, the task force went to great lengths to ensure that volunteer leaders remain integral to the strategic vision and practical roll-out of WE Local.

Based on the work of the task force, the WE Local program was launched in 2017.

Take a look at the impact WE Local has made in 2017 and 2018:

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