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Idea Drop

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Since the first WE Local U.S. conference, Headquarters has been collecting feedback from on-site idea drop cards and debriefs, conference surveys, volunteer meetings, emails, phone calls, and more. 

WE Local reviews all ideas and categorizes them first by (1) feel good and (2) opportunities then focus area. Opportunities are areas of improvement that result in an idea or solution for improvement while a feel good is a positive comment. Focus areas include any part of a WE Local conference from logistics to on-site. 

As of August 2020, WE Local has collected 2,246 lines of feedback (opportunities) and positive comments (feel good). 

Though this is a WE Local U.S. initiative, WE Local Feel Goods or Opportunities selected are shared with other Headquarters departments as well as WE Local Global. 

Since 2016, WE Local has implemented 1,438 opportunities or 79% of ideas/solutions and has received 415 positive comments or 18%.

New for 2021

Due to the pandemic and recent changes, WE Local has implemented a new way to collect ideas by creating an online idea drop. Consider submitting a positive comment or area of an opportunity today!


WE Local takes place all around the world.