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Friday, April 20, 2018

9:15 A.M – 1:15 P.M.
FM Global Research Campus
743 Reynolds Road, West Glocester, RI —23.3 miles from hotel

WE Local Providence Tours

The FM Global Research Campus is a full-scale working research and test center. At this tour, you will see a full-scale fire test demo in the Burn Lab, an earthquake table demo in the Natural Hazard Lab and a 2x4 cannon demo to simulate floating debris in a hurricane. The tour concludes with a fabulous dust explosion! 

Hard hats and safety glasses will be provided for you. Some areas might be sooty, so please consider dressing in dark-colored clothing. Also, for your safety and comfort, it is important that you wear comfortable low-heeled, closed-toed footwear, since the tour will involve much walking and many of the areas have floor gratings for sprinkler water drainage. Lunch will be provided for those attending the FM Global tour.


1:15 P.M. - 4:15 P.M.
VoltServer Digital Electricity

42 Ladd St., East Greenwich, RI - 14.4 miles from hotel

WE Local Providence Tours

VoltServer is a venture capital funded start-up located in East Greenwich, Rhode Island.  The company has developed the first natively digital form of electricity.  Digital Electricity is safe to touch even at elevated voltage and power.  It is rapid and inexpensive to deploy, and can accompany high speed data in the same cable. VoltServer is positioning itself to be the future leader for powering the digitally connected world. Since the company’s financing in 2013, Digital Electricity has been installed in over 400 marquee venues including NFL stadiums, hospitals, campuses and the nation’s tallest buildings.

The tour will include a practical demonstration of digital electricity powering intelligent devices ranging from mobile communications to LED lighting for indoor agriculture.  We will also hold a forum discussing the future of women in technology start-ups.  The founder of VoltServer is the nephew of Elsie Eaves. Elsie Eaves was an early co-founder of SWE. Refreshments will be provided.