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Collegiate Competition

Congratulations to the WE Local Portland Collegiate Competition finalists. View finalist posters onsite in Portland and listen to them talk about their research during Collegiate Competition lightning talks at the times indicated below.

Undergraduate Finalists

Riannon Smith, Utah State University
Lightning Talk: Friday, 1:30-1:40 p.m.(1 of 4), Meadowlark
Transplanting a bacterial immune system: Design, construction, and expression of a multi-subunit Type IV CRISPR system

Alyssa Escoto. Ohlone Community College
Lightning Talk: Friday, 1:42- 1:52 p.m.  (2 of 4), Meadowlark
Vertical Farming

Maria Laquian, Ohlone Community College
Lightning Talk: Friday, 1:54-2:04 p.m. (3 of 4), Meadowlark
Drone system for the Detection of Landmines, and TNT contamination

Noor Radi, Ohlone Community College
Lightning Talk: Friday, 2:06 -2:16p.m. (4 of 4), Meadowlark
The AirPlant Farming System : Utilizing Drone Technology to Remediate Desertification

Graduate Finalists

Dorcas Kaweesa, The Pennsylvania State University
Lightning Talk: Friday, 2:30-2:43 p.m. (1 of 5), Meadowlark
Quantifying the Impact of Functionally Graded Materials on the Fatigue Life of Material Jetted Specimens

Phylicia Cicilio, Oregon State University
Lightning Talk: Friday, 2:45-2:58 p.m. (2 of 5), Meadowlark
Load Model Placement for Reliability

Jamie Kunnappally, University of Texas at Dallas
Lightning Talk: Friday, 3:00-3:13 p.m. (3 of 5), Meadowlark
Effect of Medial Thighplasty on Oxygen and Metabolic Consumption Rates in a Transfemoral Amputee during Sustained Overground Walking Bouts

Jessica Doto-Rodriguez, University of Washington
Lightning Talk: Friday, 3:15-3:28 p.m. (4 of 5), Meadowlark
Delta- and proteorhodopsin-based bioprotonic devices for light-controlled conversion of protonic to electronic currents

Margot Farnham, University of Delaware
Lightning Talk: Friday, 3:30-3:43 p.m. (5 of 5), Meadowlark
Tribological Rehydration in Response to Mechanical Injury