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By becoming involved with WE Local conferences, partners are supporting women in all stages of their careers to achieve their fullest potential as engineers and leaders.

Partners of WE Local benefit from brand recognition in front of hundreds of women in STEM, and the opportunity to network with a diverse audience of qualified job candidates. WE Local conferences are built on a smaller-scale, allowing partners to engage and connect with potential employees at a pace that is unhurried and intentional. Download the Sponsorship Prospectus to learn more.

WE Local Audience

Partner WE Local 1An audience of 500-750 women in STEM attend WE Local conferences for professional development, education and networking. The WE Local audience is similar to what is seen at the Society of Women Engineers’ annual conference – on a smaller scale. Women engineers in all stages of their careers will attend, from undergraduates to highly experienced full-time professionals.

There are many opportunities to become involved as a sponsor of WE Local, including:

  • Career Fair: The career fair will take place during one day of the conference allowing for maximized exposure in a condensed and more effective timeframe.
  • Interview Booths: Sponsors will have the option to purchase interview booth space and conduct interviews onsite.
  • Partner Information Sessions: Sponsors can take advantage of hosting an information session, company-specific workshop, panel discussion or tech session prior to the career fair.
  • Program-Specific Sponsorships: With two keynote presentations and a collegiate competition at each WE Local conference, sponsors have the opportunity to attach their brand name to high-traffic programs built right into the conferences.
  • WE Local Tours: If you’re local to the conference destination, this sponsorship gets attendees right in your doors for a discussion and tour of what makes your organization unique.

For information on additional sponsorship opportunities, download the WE Local Sponsorship Prospectus.

Questions? Contact Monica Cutrone, Business Development Manager, Strategic Partnerships, at monica.cutrone@swe.org

WE Local takes place all around the world.