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Current Finalists

2021 WE Local Virtual Collegiate Competition Finalists

At the WE Local Collegiate Competition, undergraduate and graduate students are selected as Finalists to present their research in three styles: short form abstract submission (now completed!), visual poster presentation (viewable onsite) and lightning talk.

The Virtual Competition was held on Saturday, March 13, 2021. 

WE Local is proud to announce the 2021 WE Local Finalist Places as:
  • 1st Place: Emily McDonel, The Ohio State University, Sonication Effectively Reduces Nanoparticle Size in Hemoglobin-Based Oxygen Carriers (HBOCs) Produced Through Coprecipitation: Implications for Red Blood Cell Substitutes
  • 2nd Place: Lauren Pan, The University of Alabama, Design and Construction of Modular Plasmid Library with Utilization in Mitigation of Chemotherapeutic Drug Resistance
  • 3rd Place: Madeline Groettum, The Catholic University of America, Smart Bone Saw for Use in Pediatric Heart Surgery
  • 4th Place: Mary Rola, University of Buffalo, Assessing the Reasonableness of Answers to Open-Ended Problems
  • 5th Place: Rebecca Grey, Penn State Erie: The Behrend College, Universal Design Analysis for Improving the Usability of FFF 3D Printers
  • 1st Place: Thivani Senathiraja, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Study the interrelationships between morphology, composition, physical properties, gas transport, and electrochemical performance of modified multiblock polymer blends
  • 2nd Place: Elizabeth Mamros, University of New Hampshire, Automated Design Modifications for a 3D Printed Headband Geometry in a Distributed, Cyber Manufacturing Environment
  • 3rd Place: Parinaz Hafezisefat, Iowa State University, Oxidative depolymerization of lignin in perfluorodecalin to produce phenolic monomers
  • 4th Place: Sabrina Khan, University of Notre Dame, Selective delivery of chemotherapeutics to treat cancer by exploring targeted liposomal prodrug strategy
  • 5th Place: Yareni Lara Rodriguez, University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez, Performance in Manufacturing Processes Laboratory by Applying Spaced Practice Strategy
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