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Collegiate Competition

Congratulations to the WE Local Milwaukee Collegiate Competition finalists. View Finalist posters onsite at Milwaukee or listen to them talk about their research during Collegiate Competition lightning talks, times indicated below.

Undergraduate Finalists

Renae Kurpius, University of Iowa
Lightning Talk: Saturday, 3:15-3:30PM (1 of 3), 102 B
Connecting the Dots: A New Method to Determine Radiation Yield during EB Polymerization Reactions via Raman Spectroscopy

Brianna Phibbs, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Lightning Talk: Saturday, 3:35-3:50PM (2 of 3), 102 B
Wind Turbine Foundation Loadings and Tower Moment

Maya Makhlouf, University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Lightning Talk: Saturday, 3:55- 4:10PM (3 of 3), 102 B
Examining the Effect of a Paradigm-Relatedness Problem-Framing Tool on Idea Generation

Graduate Finalists

Caymen Novak, University of Michigan
Lightning Talk: Friday, 2:30-2:45PM (1 of 4), 101 C/D
Breast cancer cells exhibit enhanced proliferation, invasion, PLAU expression and chemoresistance when exposed to fluid shear stress in an innovative 3D bioreactor

Hadallia Bergeron, Northwestern University
Lightning Talk: Friday, 2:50-3:05PM (2 of 4), 101 C/D
Low-Power Electronics in Two-Dimensions: Direct Growth of Monolayer MoS2 on Ultrathin Al2O3

Megan Beck, Northwestern University
Lightning Talk: Friday, 3:10-3:25PM (3 of 4), 101 C/D
Self-Aligned van der Waals Heterojunction Diodes and Transistors

Sarah Robb, Carnegie Mellon University
Lightning Talk: Friday, 3:30-3:45PM (4 of 4), 101 C/D
Predicting the Potential for Breakthrough Health Technology: Is it Possible?