WE Local Europe will feature panel discussions, workshops, seminars and presentations that are meant to inspire innovation and advancement in the engineering workplace. Conference programming is designed for women in all phases of their career from collegiate to retirement.

WE Local Europe Virtual Conference will be hosted in 2 session formats:

  1. Pre-Recorded / Live Q&A: Pre-recorded session released on the specified day and time. Keynote speakers will be doing live, moderated Q&A. 
  2. Pre-Recorded / Live Chat: Pre-recorded sessions released on the specified day and time. Speakers will be in the session live to answer chat questions. 
 All WE Local Europe agenda items are listed in GMT. 

Thursday, 27 May 2021

9:3010:30Opening Keynote: If I Can Do It, So Can YouSpecial Events‘If I can do it, so can you” is the inspiring and motivating story of one woman’s determination to succeed. 25 years ago Dr Sue Black was a single parent with three small children living on a council estate in Brixton. She is now one of the top 50 women in tech in Europe, received an OBE and just been appointed to the Government Advisory body shaping digital services. Sue talks about how she brought her family out of poverty and built a successful career through education, passion and a determination to succeed.Sue BlackProfessorKEYNOTEAUDIENCE: ALL
10:4011:00Creating Successful LGBTIQ Employee Groups in Engineering IndustriesInclusion and Cultural AwarenessWithin this session participants will develop knowledge and empathy of why inclusion is important for LGBTIQ employees (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and Queer) and specifically within an industrial engineering context. I will describe why this area is relevant to non-LGBTIQ employees, the wider business and therefore “what’s in it for me”. The talk will outline learning on successfully starting D&I employee groups and share approaches for how participants can develop their own networks, or support those around them.Allister DennisCaterpillarLIGHTNING TALKMID-LEVEL PROFESSIONALS/MANAGERS/EMERGING TECHNICAL LEADERS
10:4011:00Electric Vehicle Battery Second Life Options: Repurpose, Reuse, Remanufacture, RecycleInnovation and DisruptionThe entrance of Electric Vehicles (EV) into the transportation sector is seen as an environmental opportunity to advance towards a cleaner world. Currently, vehicle manufacturers are using Lithium-ion (li-ion) batteries to power electric vehicles offering eight- or ten-years’ warrant. After that, batteries are considered inappropriate for traction services, but batteries still have 80% of its original capacity. Therefore, it is important to understand and apply the useful energy into different applications. Energy storage device such as li-ion batteries are foreseen as a solution to store and utilize energy when needed and will have an important role in the electricity market. Lithium-ion batteries has a wider application range with longer lifespan in comparison to lead acid or nickel-based batteries. This session will provide understanding on Life Span of Electrical Vehicle Batteries and understanding on wide range of applications possible to turn used batteries into valuable assets – Repurpose, Reuse, Remanufacture, Recycle.Rubal Sambi & Chidi OnyenanuCumminsLIGHTNING TALKMID-LEVEL PROFESSIONALS/MANAGERS/EMERGING TECHNICAL LEADERS
10:4011:00How to Build Effective Remote TeamsSelf-Management, Development and Strategic LeadershipIt can be difficult to have all your team members gathered in one place and, nowadays, many projects are done by teams that are distributed around the globe. There are many factors influencing productivity of distributed teams: communication strategies, communication technology, personal and cultural differences, language barriers. The talk will cover the difficult aspects of working remotely and the benefits of collocation as well as discuss how latter can be transferred to the environment of a distributed team.Vili Mileva YankovaFulbright BulgariaLIGHTNING TALKENTRY-LEVEL PROFESSIONALS
11:1512:00Life Happens- Will Your Career Thrive or Survive?Career ManagementOur lives can take unexpected turns, at times impacting our career. Sometimes our careers can limit our life choices instead of enhancing our lives. Time sneaks up on us and we may stay too long in a position or we may not have a clear exit strategy for a job we’ve become indispensable. Or have we accomplished that career goal and are wondering what is next. Learn how you can craft your career to support taking care of children or elderly parents, but still have a career that adds value to your life. Learn how to shift into retirement or how to adjust your career to help with other unexpected life events. A panel of seasoned STEM professionals will share their strategies and experiences to help you maneuver your career to support your life and thrive in your career.Joan FerrellHoneywellPANELMID-LEVEL PROFESSIONALS/MANAGERS/EMERGING TECHNICAL LEADERS
11:1512:00SWE Leaders Fireside Chat with Kalyani MallelaSpecial EventsHear from SWE's newest Board of Directors member, Kalyani Mallela, as she discusses her professional and leadership journey with Karen Horting, Executive Director and CEO, Society of Women Engineers. Kalyani MallelaSWESPECIAL EVENTAUDIENCE: ALL
11:1512:00Networking LoungeAUDIENCE: ALL
11:1512:15Speed MentoringLeadership & Career DevelopmentA professional mentor can help you maneuver challenges in the workplace, learn more about your industry, build your confidence and, ultimately, advance your career. This speed mentoring workshop will provide the opportunity to meet with different mentors who are experienced leaders in their field. The workshop is free to WE Local Europe attendees, but conference registration is required, and space is limited! Deadline to pre-register is 16 May. Copy the links below to join the workshop. Sign-up as a mentee: UP AS A MENTOR: SPECIAL EVENTSCOLLEGIANS & GRADUATE STUDENTS & ENTRY-LEVEL PROFESSIONALS
12:004:00Virtual Networking ExhibitionSpecial EventsWE Local Europe Virtual Networking Exhibition will feature leading engineering and technology organizations. Learn more about our partners by visiting the partners tab on the WE Local Europe website. You can share your LinkedIn or connect directly in a live, virtual booth with top organizations of your interest. Make sure you update your LinkedIn and CV on SWE's Career Center so you can get in touch with companies before, during and after the event.SPECIAL EVENTAUDIENCE: ALL
12:451:30Demystifying Pharma and Career Opportunities WithinCareer ManagementGive an outline of the variety of career opportunities that Marie and Eva took after leaving college that led to their current roles as Site Leads in MSD.Eva Gallagher & Marie MartinMerckLECTUREENTRY-LEVEL PROFESSIONALS
1:402:00Past, Present and Future of Deep LearningInnovation and DisruptionThe presentation will start by by laying out the basics of Machine Learning. Then, we will go into the topic of what Deep Learning is. It is also mentioned how we inspire human brain to implement Deep Learning and the milestones in its history. Attendees can have a better view on why we choose to utilize Deep Learning as I am going to demonstrate such applications like Natural Language Processing. The session plans to illustrate how the architecture of it is created as well as inform the audience with the definitions of necessary terms like neuron and artificial neural network. Not to mention, image processing examples are to be there, so that attendees can easily observe what the inputs are and what to learn from them by looking at the output, such as detecting cat figures. In finale, discuss how this can be implemented to medicine and marketing in the near future.Nursena KoprucuKoc UniversityLIGHTNING TALKCOLLEGIANS & GRADUATE STUDENTS
1:402:00Dealing colleagues with mental health problems – minefield, challenge or opportunity?Inclusion and Cultural AwarenessWhat does it feel like to be excluded? We promote inclusion, but what does it feel like when that doesn’t work? As someone with depression, I will describe some of my own experiences with work colleagues – the good, the bad, the ugly and the well-meaning-but-harmful. Learn what is likely to work well when dealing with colleagues suffering mental health problems, how to conquer your own fears and how to seek further support. Discuss how important it is to get this right. Not only for the individual at the time, but for yourself, your colleagues, staff loyalty, your company and your company’s reputation. And how this can help to drive global change in increased inclusion.Yasmin MillerBechtelLIGHTNING TALKMID-LEVEL PROFESSIONALS/MANAGERS/EMERGING TECHNICAL LEADERS
1:402:00Man, I Feel Like A WomanSelf-Management, Development and Strategic LeadershipLet’s keep it simple - Businesses want high performing teams and therefore leaders whose action shape these teams to deliver. Our womanhood is our strength, and we need to exercise it to be those leaders. In STEM industries, under representation is a key challenge for minority groups. Without always knowing it, we compensate to fit with an existing hierarchy and accepted way of doing things. We are doing ourselves an injustice. We know that a key factor in building high performing teams is in diversity and inclusivity, and we need to realise that our differences are our strengths. We need to recognize that our differences complement high performing teams, we just need to create the environment where our teams are comfortable being themselves at work, and we need to understand when we need to draw on which of our strengths. Anyone can learn to be a leader, but as women we have additional skills which amplify the skills of a traditional, historically male, leader. Therefore "Leadership" is changing – our style of leadership is different to the traditional model and it is effective – why is this? Our leadership should be based on our thoughts, our experiences, our talents, not fitting in with existing hierarchy and accepted ways of doing things. This is the 21st Century. This is how we should be thinking. This session will remind all women not only what we already bring to the table, but more importantly, give us the opportunity to harness the missing ingredient we already hold to further enhance and deliver high performing teams. We can take responsibility to harness these differences, and we can take personal responsibility to exercise and nurture these skills. By doing this we will become the leaders our companies’ need us to be. Hannah StotterBechtelLIGHTNING TALKENTRY-LEVEL PROFESSIONALS
2:153:00#YesYouCan - From Graduate to Head of Department in <5 YearsCareer ManagementNo time to waste – people overestimate what they can do in a year but underestimate what they can achieve within 5 years. Hear experiences from a woman in the energy business as she navigated her early career path from graduation in 2013 to leading a team by 2017. In this session, Maria will share her insights of the journey and her self-reflections as a woman in STEM and what is important to progress. She will focus on the importance of Mentoring and explain about the difference between a Mentor and a Sponsor. Maria OstrowskiBPLECTUREENTRY-LEVEL PROFESSIONALS
2:153:00Networking LoungeAUDIENCE: ALL
3:153:35 A Journey Back to Full Time WorkSelf-Management, Development and Strategic LeadershipApplying for a job? Going for an interview? Starting work? These are all things that most of us have done many times, but after a career break these activities can feel even more daunting. Whatever the reason for your career break, male or female, the process of returning to work is the same. This session will provide you with an appreciation of the return to work process through a personal experience, highlighting the benefits, challenges and opportunities for those involved.Jacqueline TorleyCumminsLIGHTING TALKMID-LEVEL PROFESSIONALS/MANAGERS/EMERGING TECHNICAL LEADERS
3:454:45Thursday Afternoon KeynoteSpecial EventsInspiring a new generation of women, breaking into the exciting world of Tech and Digital, to stay true to their values and create their individual journey. Gita Singham-Willis is an inspirational individual, whose journey to be a successful owner of a multi-million-pound company, is grounded in her embracing the challenges of male-dominated industries and career bias, as not only a woman, but a woman of Asian heritage. She is now a very successful businesswoman whose all-embracing, diverse company has enabled women to break into the growing digital and technology driven worlds, being at the cutting edge of ideas, solutions and innovations, across a range of sectors. Gita will be talking about her journey, challenges and opportunities, and how that has shaped her views on resilient leadership, brought home through this last year.Gita Singham-Willis - Moderated by Heather DotyCandence InnovaKEYNOTEAUDIENCE: ALL

Friday, 28 May 2021

9:309:50Transitioning from University to a Corporate Job: An Intern's PerspectiveCareer ManagementGood grades, impressive CV, and excellent performance in the interview - surely I had everything needed to perform well on this job? First day into my placement and I realised that getting the job is only the beginning of a long journey of self-development and growth. I was no longer one of the handful high performing students in the class, everyone around me was equally competent, if not more so. In this talk I will share what I did differently to earn the opportunity to give a presentation to a visiting Vice President and rewarded with vouchers for excellent performance in the first three months of my year-long placement. Join me for an intern’s take on networking, taking responsibility, asking questions, being resilient, and changing attitude to cope with the corporate life. This should help students and fresh graduates, as well as entry level professionals ease into the working world.Apoorva PatilIBMLIGHTNING TALKENTRY-LEVEL PROFESSIONALS
9:309:50Plastics & Sustainability- A Hobson's Choice?Innovation and DisruptionIn recent times, Plastics and Sustainability have seemed like two mutually exclusive words. The ubiquity and application of plastics in our modern world is evident from automotive to energy and telecommunications to consumables. On the other hand, there are convicting photos of the presence of plastics in the ocean and environment. Thus, there exists a conflict in people who are environmentally responsible to choose either Sustainability or Plastics. This session will address these concerns with a third option of a circular economy and sustainability strides in this highly innovative and technology intensive industry. The phrase “reuse, recycle and reduce” will be explained in actionable steps of what you can do as a consumer, as an industry and as the government. You will leave this session empowered as an advocate for the environment and as a responsible user of technology.Bralade EmenanjoDow Inc.LIGHTNING TALKENTRY-LEVEL PROFESSIONALS
9:309:50How to Have a Healthy Job: Set Up Your BoundariesSelf-Management, Development and Strategic LeadershipHow many times we get pulled in tasks which are not in our job responsibilities or last minute tasks which require a lot of time to get them executed and there exists tight deadline or extra tasks which overload your existing ones? In order to fulfill this type of tasks; you do overtime, you take your work home with all its stress, you may miss deadlines for your original tasks which you had committed earlier, you reduce/omit the time you need to spend with your family and/or your body misses the sufficient time for rest, relaxation and sports. The root cause of these problems is lack of boundaries. Everyone needs to setup his/her boundaries at workplace, learn and practice how to manage them. In this session, different examples of boundaries' problems at work will be discussed and address how to deal with each of them to make our lives healthier.Marwa El HefnawyAppleLIGHTNING TALKMID-LEVEL PROFESSIONALS/MANAGERS/EMERGING TECHNICAL LEADERS
10:002:00Virtual Networking ExhibitionSpecial EventsWE Local Europe Virtual Networking Exhibition will feature leading engineering and technology organizations. Learn more about our partners by visiting the partners tab on the WE Local Europe website. You can share your LinkedIn or connect directly in a live, virtual booth with top organizations of your interest. Make sure you update your LinkedIn and CV on SWE's Career Center so you can get in touch with companies before, during and after the event.
10:0010:45The Power of Talk & The Female FactorInclusion and Cultural AwarenessCommunication isn’t as simple as saying what you mean. Did you know? 75% of talking during the average business meeting is done by men. Preliminary results from Partners In Leadership research confirm this finding: Women above men still struggle to find their voice in the room. This session The Female Factor & The Power of Talk will give an overview of Linguistic Styles, with a special emphasis on the female factor. This session will offer insights from the lecturer ́s experience as Professor at ESADE Business & Law School, Key note speaker at European Women in Tech, Amsterdam 2019, Women in Microsoft Swizerland 2021, Pepsico, HP, General Electric, Lenovo, Bayer, Grifols, FIA Executive Program, EIT Health 2021, Repsol Innovation & Technology Hub; Premis Emprendedor XXI La Caixa, Key note speaker at GMAT Europe, Facebook & Amazon Mentor in Accelerator programs in Spain & EU; Investor in TECH startups and CEO of SWALA Ventures, Speaker, Neurolinguist and PhD candidate in Brain Science and Persuasion.Katharine D'AmicoESADE Business & Law SchoolLECTUREENTRY-LEVEL PROFESSIONALS
10:0010:45Growing your SWE Network Strategically to Advance your CareerSelf-Management, Development and Strategic LeadershipNetworking isn’t as hard as you think! With a bit of strategy and planning, you can utilize everyday situations to network with others to achieve career and personal success. In this session, SWE members will share how they have used their SWE experiences and opportunities to network with fellow members and colleagues along with gaining leadership skills to advance their careers. Not only will you learn about networking in this session, you will also practice it with fellow attendees! Studies have shown women are less likely to ask their friends and co-workers for help; this session will change that!Jessica RannowAmerisourceBergenPANELMID-LEVEL PROFESSIONALS/MANAGERS/EMERGING TECHNICAL LEADERS
10:0010:45Deploying STEM Reentry Internship Programs: Experiences from Worldwide Tech CompaniesCareer ManagementThe challenges to improving a firm's diverse technical talent are well documented across tech industries around the world. As a non-traditional way to address these challenges, several companies launched STEM reentry internship programs with the help of the SWE/iRelaunch STEM Reentry Task Force. Fast forward a few years and many companies have expanded their programs to different units, locations and countries. Join us to learn about two large tech companies journeys in implementing successful internship programs, including gaining senior executive buy-in, recruiting candidates, and developing the internship program, for consideration in your own tech companies. The two companies have experience expanding into the UK, India, Canada and Brazil.Jennifer Howland & Karen Ramsey-IdemiRelaunch Cummins, Inc.LECTURESENIOR LEADERS/EXECUTIVES
11:0011:20Will Artificial Intelligence Mark the Fall of Society?Innovation and DisruptionArtificial Intelligence(AI) is having profound effects on society. While businesses are heavily investing in Machine Learning and Robotics to reap competitive financial returns, Governments are funding AI R&D programs to uplift societies. From ChatBots to self-driving cars, AI is progressing at an unprecedented rate. While the benefits remain countless, it becomes extremely important to critically evaluate a technology’s overall implications on society and mankind. While Elon Musk claims that AI is a fundamental risk to the existence of civilization, late Stephen Hawking stated that AI could be the worst event in the history of civilization. How does one ensure that the data and algorithms that build AI-based decisions are kept free from biases against minorities? AI could widen existing inequalities of opportunity if access is unfairly distributed across society, with benefits accumulated in the hands of a fortunate few. This session discusses the socio-economic and cultural implications of AI-driven technologies.Saee KamatGLOBALFOUNDRIESLIGHTNING TALKMID-LEVEL PROFESSIONALS/MANAGERS/EMERGING TECHNICAL LEADERS
11:0011:20Opening a Global Women Chapter in Our OrganizationCareer ManagementIn this presentation, we will discuss in detail the opening of the Globalwomen (GW) chapter in our organization in Dresden this year. It all started when the 6 senior employees selected across different areas of the company spoke about their motivation to the larger women audience on International Women’s Day. This day did pay well with a subsequent trip to the US to attend a GW conference where we heard exciting keynote speech from leaders in the US which helped find role models and this got us engaging with problems women are facing. We are now the energetic GW core team and a motivated manager who organized the team into different workstreams so we all have a focus area like Networking, Diversity, Mentoring & Youth Education. We have a weekly core team meeting and a monthly snack & chat sessions with our women employees to help build Networking.Shanthi Siemes & Birgit Reinhold GLOBALFOUNDRIESLIGHTNING TALKMID-LEVEL PROFESSIONALS/MANAGERS/EMERGING TECHNICAL LEADERS
11:0011:20Male Mentors and What Good Looks LikeCareer ManagementDo too many men approach mentoring the wrong way? At the heart of a strong mentoring relationship is a foundation of trust and an environment to be able to talk not just work and career but also about emotional concerns. Sounds simple but male mentors can often approach mentorship by applying too directly their own experience. So is that a driver why many women choose a female mentor? Why not a man? This session is more than the nuts & bolts of mentoring per-se, it’s the underlying, broader dimensions that men have to bring to be a successful mentor. Helping someone find and walk their own path is not one-dimensional. You have to be more. Sharing the critical role men play as a mentor and the contrasting dos and donts of a meaningful mentoring relationship drawing from a wealth of mentoring experience. Simon HerbertExxonMobilLIGHTNING TALKENTRY-LEVEL PROFESSIONALS
11:3011:50The Innovations of the Next Decade 2020:Innovation and DisruptionThe start of the decade 2020’s raises many excitements as the innovations are entering various industries in the known era of industrial revolution 4.0, while at the same time brings uncertainties and concerns for the innovators and innovation firms. This session highlights the promising innovations capable of excelling and transforming global market economy in the next 10 years by further technologically merging with the independent successful innovations such as the Internet of Things, Machine learning. As we talk about these engineering hardware and software-based innovations, let’s not miss to discuss the next wave of environment sustainability-based innovations emerging parallelly demanded by the current times to establish human values towards the machine values through; Recycling, Restoration of the ecosystem. Also, let’s further discuss how we, change agents can follow practical best practices as business leaders, team members and employees to support the businesses growth and to further withstand the competitive markets.Sangita GoraniyaHoneywellLIGHTNING TALKMID-LEVEL PROFESSIONALS/MANAGERS/EMERGING TECHNICAL LEADERS
11:3011:50When an Engineer Isn't an EngineerSelf-Management, Development and Strategic LeadershipAn engineer has many desirable and highly transferable skills. This session will look at some of these, and how they can enable those with an engineering background become highly sought after in other roles. The session will talk about Charlotte's own personal journey from a background in forensics, to risk engineering and now an underwriter in the world of commercial insurance, and how her diverse skills and qualities has led her to this point. The session will encourage delegates to look at their strengths and abilities and encourage them to embrace them, sell themselves and explore paths they may not have looked at before.Charlotte BrennanAIGLIGHTNING TALKMID-LEVEL PROFESSIONALS/MANAGERS/EMERGING TECHNICAL LEADERS
11:3011:50On the STEM front lineCareer ManagementThe first line supervisor role is possibly the single most critical position for attracting, retaining and developing women fresh from STEM education into the most valuable employees, directly utilizing those STEM skills. Not only can immediate supervisors role model more directly than remote executives, but their frequent interactions with new employees provide opportunities to influence the everyday experience. Employees who feel “outside” initially are the most likely to leave a company, but can most significantly improve diversity of thought and action. Any issues are usually first highlighted at this organizational level, and if resolved quickly and compassionately this can enhance retention. Finally, as an individual’s supervisory style is quickly ingrained introducing great practices to malleable early supervisors feeds the pipeline up the organization. This session will not only arm the participants with the case for action, but tools for the first line supervisors and to ensure prioritization and sustainable adoption. Hannah HowardExxonMobilLIGHTNING TALKMID-LEVEL PROFESSIONALS/MANAGERS/EMERGING TECHNICAL LEADERS
12:301:15Tackling the Dual Career ChallengeSelf-Management, Development and Strategic LeadershipAcross Europe two-working parent families are the norm with OECD research showing that nearly 60% of families are dual career earners. No longer are we nations of male dominated bread winners! But have societies and individuals caught up, and how are organizations and companies supporting these new norms? And how are they addressing connected barriers to female career progression? This session includes sharing of personal stories from professionals at different levels and what dual career considerations they had, and the choices they made. Which organizational policies, management support and actions they took really made a difference, and what more is needed? Topics include parental leave, flexible working, mobility and management of family commitments including domestic tasks and mental load to support personal and organizational choices in creating equality in the workplace, and at home.RoseMarie Egglesfield, Margaret Rogacki, & Julia RuessmannExxonMobilPANELMID-LEVEL PROFESSIONALS/MANAGERS/EMERGING TECHNICAL LEADERS
12:301:15From Woman in Tech to Engineer in HRInclusion and Cultural AwarenessHaving built a career making software for engineering, Jo was no stranger to being one of few women in her workplace. But over time, and as she progressed, she found fewer and fewer female peers around her. This simple observation grew to nagging and persistent curiosity: Where is everyone? So, Jo signed up to take a Masters’ degree in Organisational Psychology, to learn all she could based in the most current and rigorous evidence. And then a year later, she made the transition from her technical leadership role into human resources to lead AVEVA’s global diversity and inclusion programme. In this session, Jo will share with you the lessons she has learned on her journey from Woman in Tech to Engineer in HR.Jo StansfieldAVEVALECTUREMID-LEVEL PROFESSIONALS/MANAGERS/EMERGING TECHNICAL LEADERS
12:301:15Transformation of Marketing with BlockchainInnovation and DisruptionThe blockchain represents a seminal paradigm shift in the exchange of value and is likely to fundamentally impact marketing. While the paradigm associated with Big Data, which dominates much thought and practice in marketing today, is focused on the “sharing of information,” the paradigm associated with blockchain is focused on the “sharing of value.” Driven by a trust crisis in consumer relationships with institutions that have failed to responsibly use and adequately safeguard consumer data, blockchain is emerging as a key solution for the restoration of trust as well as security, privacy, authenticity, and transparency in marketing transactions and relationships. Despite the potential impact of blockchain in marketing thought and practice, relatively little information on blockchain currently exists in marketing literature and/or presentations. I will present a brief theoretical framework grounded in game theory, new institutional economics, and cryptographic science.Padma BulusuWellsFargoLECTURESENIOR LEADERS/EXECUTIVES
12:301:15Leadership and Learning with SWE's Board of DirectorsAs SWE continues to grow our global reach, many global members have questions about what or how the SWE Board of Directors contributes to our society's mission and goals. This panel discussion of current SWE Board members will focus on an introduction to the Board's work as it relates to the strategy and operations of SWE and the panelists' experiences growing in volunteer leadership roles within SWE. It will also touch on the process of being nominated for and elected to the Board or other elected SWE leadership positions. Panelists will also address questions from the audience.Alexis McKittrick & Dayna JohnsonIDA Science and Technology Policy Institute & GE Renewable EnergySPECIAL EVENTMID-LEVEL PROFESSIONALS/MANAGERS/EMERGING TECHNICAL LEADERS
1:302:15How to Create and Maintain Inclusion in While Working from Home for Existing and New TeamsInclusion and Cultural AwarenessThe Covid-19 pandemic has introduced a new way of working remotely. What are the needs and ramifications of this new reality, from technology to culture? How can employers ensure employee engagement and continue to drive inclusive culture remotely? A panel of construction professionals from diverse backgrounds share their experiences and focus on how generational issues can be subdued to create a diverse work environment when working remotely. Panel will discuss • How to raise self-awareness for new employees from diverse backgrounds • Being aware of generational issues and how to overcome them. • Understand, engage and manage teams with effective online/ virtual communication tools. • How technology could be disadvantage for managers in managing younger generation. With more pressure on time and availability, how managers can put efforts to know their team better. • Areas for younger generation to thrive. • Tips on building relationships when working remotely. • Specific challenges for construction industry. • Support team members going through distressing events. Gemma Whittick, Suki Johal, Feng Wen, Noemi de Menezes Willenbockel, & Yasmin MillerBechtelPANELMID-LEVEL PROFESSIONALS/MANAGERS/EMERGING TECHNICAL LEADERS
1:302:15Allyship - Male Perspectives on Female AdvancementInclusion and Cultural AwarenessIn this session you will learn the meaning and importance of male allyship, the difference between a sponsor, a mentor and the importance of both. You will learn the ways bias creeps into hiring and how to navigate the process.Mia Claselius, Giampiero Frisco, Christian Divialle-Johansson, & Edoardo AmbrosiABBPANELMID-LEVEL PROFESSIONALS/MANAGERS/EMERGING TECHNICAL LEADERS
2:303:30Closing KeynoteCarla BoragnoRocheKEYNOTEAUDIENCE; ALL
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