Nominate Your City to Host the Next WE Local Conference

Nominations for 2022 conferences will open soon.

Application Sample Questions

  1. Who may comprise the WE Local Host Committee?
  2. In a few sentences, explain the reasons why you are recommending this location.
  3. List any universities/SWE Collegiate Sections in close proximity of the proposed location.
  4. Is there a proposed WE Local conference venue that can host 500 attendees including a 100 attendee SWENext Outreach event?

Don’t forget to indicate what year you are interested in hosting a WE Local conference.

Host City Criteria

Prior to applying, WE Local has outlined a criteria and set of questions for conference site selection to include the following, but not limited to, items:

  1. Universities (how many universities are within a three hour distance so undergrad/graduate students can attend?
  2. Conference venue (is there appropriate function space/square footage?)
    1. Convention centers are an option but in order to keep costs low, WE Local prefers hotel venues
  3. Accessibility (is the host city easily accessible and affordable by plane, train or automobile?)
  4. Section/region members (did a member nominate this city?)
  5. WE Local will not select a host city with a (high) gambling or alcohol presence due to the demographics of an underage population

In order to bring the conference to WE Local members around the United States, WE Local will not consider cities if the host city:

  1. Held a SWE and/or region event within the past three years
  2. Held a SWE annual conference or will be hosting or has the potential to host a SWE annual conference

For more questions regarding WE Local city selection, contact