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2022 WE Local Bengaluru FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions

Technical Questions

  • Use your personal desktop or laptop from your home or office rather than your mobile device. You will be participating with others so we recommend joining from a quiet and controlled environment.
  • Use Google Chrome or Firefox as your internet browser to connect to the conference. Browsers such as Internet Explorer or Safari may have compatibility and display issues. 
  • Use of a VPN can cause connection issues. If you are connecting from your organization’s network or any network behind a firewall, check with your IT department or network administrator before the conference. When you do, please ask them to whitelist the websites and ports to open on this list
  • Close background applications that will be connecting to the internet on a regular basis (email, chat, Facebook, etc.).
  • If you elect to use headphones, we recommend hard-wire headphones rather than Bluetooth or wireless headsets which lead to feedback.  

For additional information, read this article on how to prepare for the event

Trouble Shooting Tips

WE Local Bengaluru event platform is fully compatible with Desktop (web) on the following browsers updated to the latest version:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox

We recommend running a desktop browser for the best and seamless experience across the platform.

Note: Other independent browsers that accept webRTC technology may not be compatible.


Check the browser and make sure it is updated 

Using the latest versions of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox on your laptop or computer guarantees the best experience.

Here are instructions for updating Chrome and Firefox

  • Safari is not fully compatible for video on desktops
  • Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge (Non chromium) are not compatible on desktops

If you are still having trouble, read this Quick Troubleshooting Reference Guide.

If you are having video and audio issues, view this in-depth troubleshooting guide to help make sure everything is set up correctly for your device.


WE Local Bengaluru can be accessed via mobile phone, but does have some limitations. Replay is not available in the Mobile App and can currently only be accessed on a web browser. 

Find the Hopin app via your iOS or Android app store. 


iOS, iPadOS (Apple)

Note: No downloads are required for the web browser, however, downloadable apps for mobile devices are the best experience for watching an event. 

Please check this event troubleshooting article in case you experience any issues with accessing parts of the event. 


Limitations of using a mobile browser

There are some limitations of viewing the event within a browser on a mobile device therefore we would always recommend downloading the app or using a computer to access the event. If these are not an option and you must use your mobile web browser, then you may experience some audio issues.

For example, on iOS and iPadOS devices, attendees may be muted by default upon entering the Networking Lounge segment of the event.

Make sure you are using a recommended browser and that it is up to date. When you first launch the event, you will be prompted to select your Microphone and Camera device so that people can hear and see you at the event, but if you are unable to select your options, it is probably because you need to enable browser permissions for Hopin to access your devices. You can find further help here

Check to see if Hopin has access to your devices by entering the following link to your Chrome browser URL field:


You may have an intermittent or slow Wi-Fi connection. Make sure you are in a space with a reliable, fast Wi-Fi network. To test your network’s speed, please go to We recommend a minimum of 25 mbps.

To help improve the experience you could change the stream quality from within the video player settings. 

Simply click on the Settings icon at the bottom right of the video player during a live event. Then click on Quality to change the video resolution options.



Auto video resolution selection

The default setting is Auto, it means the player will automatically adjust to the best resolution for your connection. It may fluctuate between higher and lower resolutions trying to give you the best experience possible while you are watching.

Note: You can also revert back to Auto if manual selection doesn’t work well for you.




Once selected it will look like below.



Note: Keep in mind the lower the resolution the lower the quality of the video playback will be, however it should improve the experience overall in case of issues. We recommend lower resolutions for slower internet connections (360p or lower). 720p or 480p should be fine for most users.

Learn more here.

You can find notifications by clicking the notification bell icon in the top right of any page throughout the platform.

Screen Shot 2021-09-07 at 1.09.21 PM.png
Click on Get Support from the dropdown in your Hopin profile. You will be redirected to our help center with an option to submit an email request to our support team. 





The help desk is open throughout the event to help answer any technical questions/trouble shooting. All organizers have access to 24/7 live chat with platform support via the blue chat bubble (see below) in the bottom right corner of the page.


The stream has started – if you experience audio or video issues, please try refreshing your browser.

If you continue to experience audio or video issues, please ensure you are joining from a compatible browser without a VPN or Firewall, and try adjusting your stage settings in the bottom right corner of your video panel to 480p.

If you are connecting from your organization’s network or any network behind a firewall, check with your IT department or network administrator before the conference. When you do, please ask them to whitelist the websites and ports to open on this list

Program Questions

Update your profile by logging into your Hopin account

Once you reach the Hopin dashboard, click the ‘Profile’ tab to update your information. 

hopin faq

Add your headshot, bio and social profiles and click ‘save’. hopin faq

Once in the event is live, you can also update your profile by selecting your avatar in the upper right hand corner of your screen, then select “edit profile” from the drop down menu.

Fill out your information accordingly to be visible to other attendees at the conference.

hopin faq

All WE Local Bengaluru breakout and keynote recordings will be available on the platform for 3 months following the conference. During the conference, there may be a delay of up to 30 minutes from the time the session concludes and when it is available in the Replay section.

When the event has finished, you will receive an email with a link to access the recordings. This link will take you directly to the Replay section of the event platform. 

You can also find the recordings by going to your Hopin home page > Events > Past events and selecting the event. Find more information here.

hopin faqYou can find the full WE Local Bengaluru event schedule here, or through the WE Local Bengaluru homepage and clicking on the agenda link.

Complete speaker bios can be found under each session in the agenda found here.

Submit your questions to speakers using the chat panel on the right-hand side of the platform. Speakers will be present to answer questions via chat as the session plays. If time permits, some speakers will conduct live Q&A after their presentation.


faqNOTE: Be sure to use the STAGE/SESSION chat by selecting the corresponding STAGE/SESSION tab in the panel on the side of your screen. Do not type speaker questions into the Event chat. 





faqUse the People tab in the right panel of your screen to search for other attendees, exchange private messages, and invite them to video calls.

If you would like to talk directly to other attendees, you can make the most of our “Invite to video call” and “Schedule a meeting” features to foster connections during WE Local Bengaluru.

Note: 1:1 video meetings are not available on the Mobile App.

Schedule a meeting

This can be done within the People tab of the event and selecting Schedule a meeting at the bottom of the tab, or finding the profile of the attendee that you would like to meet with and selecting Schedule a meeting from within their profile.

What happens after I invite an attendee?

When a meeting is scheduled, the recipient of the invite is notified when they enter the event – or immediately if they’re already in the event – via the notification area at the top right of the screen. They will also be sent an email of the meeting invite. From the notification area, they can accept or decline the invite.

To view your Networking connections, click your avatar on the upper right hand corner of your screen, select “my account” from the drop down menu, and choose the “connections” tab at the top of your account page.



hopin faqFind the Networking Lounge on the left hand side panel. 

The Networking Lounge is a place for automated one-on-one meetings and a way of facilitating connections in this virtual environment. Similar to an experience that feels like FaceTime or Hangouts, the Networking area pairs two people over a direct video call. 

In the Networking Lounge, once you click the Join button, the system searches for someone else who has also joined the lounge. If someone else is available, the person’s profile details show up on the screen for some seconds and then you are matched instantly and a video chat will begin.

The default duration for one meeting is 30 seconds as the minimum and 180 seconds as the maximum. 

You will see a timer countdown on the top side of the screen. When the time expires, the meeting ends.

For additional support, please read this article

Yes, WE Local has a code of conduct we ask all attendees to follow. Please review the full SWE Virtual Meeting Code of Conduct before attending. 

You will have the opportunity to browse the Poster Competition and vote for your top three favorites. Find the Poster Competition tab on the left-hand side panel and click the survey link on the top of the page to submit your choices.

If you’re having trouble joining a Session or Backstage, make sure you’ve completed the following steps.

Career Fair Questions

hopin faqYou can visit the company’s virtual booth in the Career Fair and chat live with representatives during Career Fair hours.

Organization representatives will invite selected candidates to meet one-on-one through their virtual booth.

Find the Career Fair by clicking on the left-hand side panel in the platform. 

hopin faq

Once logged into the event, add your resume via the CV Upload tab on the right-hand side of the screen. You’ll also see a CV Upload tab on each of the partner booths in the virtual career fair.

Note, you only need to upload your CV one time to send it to all WE Local Bengaluru partners.

Please refrain from uploading your CV at each partner booth. 

Additionally, attendees can share their LinkedIn Profile with organizations via the “Share your LinkedIn Profile” button in each organization’s virtual career fair booth.

If you are not able to attend the career fair, be sure to upload your CV into the platform. All partnering organizations will receive a copy of your submitted CV.

After locating an organization in the Career Fair, click on the logo to view their page information. Select the “Chat” tab within the booth to speak live with organization representatives, or submit your CV. Recruiters will reach out to schedule a 1:1 chat or video call if they are interested in speaking with you further.