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WE Local Advisory Board (LAB)

  • WE Local Advisory Board (LAB) is a diverse community of passionate and driven SWE Members with a variety of backgrounds who ensure the member’s voice is heard by leveraging continuous feedback in order to enhance a more repeatable and maintainable program and conference infrastructure.

For those interested in participating on the WE Local Europe or WE Local India advisory boards, contact international@swe.org

Meet the 2021 WE Local Advisory Board Team:

2021 WE Local Advisory Board

Pictured Above (Top to Bottom, Left to Right) :  Lisa Raab, Jenn Winikus, Vanessa Velasco (Past HQ staff), Jocelyne Denhof, Kiera Kaufman, Elizabeth SanMiguel, Jonna Gerken, Mackenzie Morgan (HQ staff), Jan Williams, Adriana Porter, Pramita Mitra, Dian Nguyen, Helen Colvin, Steven Ulrich, Rochelle Larson, Tori Morgan and Jeanne Elipani (HQ Staff)

LAB is the core of WE Local. Members of this group serve in a variety of leadership roles that assist with the execution of milestones for Subcommittees as well as overall conference goals. 
Without their guidance and direction, WE Local is impossible. Thank you to all our past LAB members who have paved the way to be where we are today. 
View past WE Local Advisory Board (LAB) Members here. 

To learn more about WE Local’s volunteer structure,
watch this short video.

WE Local takes place all around the world.