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The Program

WE Local conferences depend upon the strong support of local volunteers and leaders who strategize, inform and promote the events. 

The WE Local U.S. program is a partnership between SWE Headquarters (HQ), the WE Local Advisory Board (LAB) and WE Local Host Committee (LHC) Chairs. The program offers members the opportunity to obtain leadership experience, time and project management skills and knowledge working with diverse, multi-generational virtual teams.

Similarly, the WE Local Global program is guided by their respective WE Local advisory boards, made up of women living in the region and representing the local cultures and interests. Meet the WE Local Europe Advisory Board and WE Local India Advisory Board, and contact us at international@swe.org to learn how to get involved. 


The Program 1

Every year, over 90 U.S. volunteers serve in a variety of roles on the WE Local Advisory Board (LAB) and WE Local Host committee (LHC) with six SWE Headquarter departments also supporting the WE Local program.

Responsibilities vary by group but may include:

  • Identifying long-term program strategy objectives, 
  • Promoting WE Local happenings and deadlines,
  • Ensuring consistent branding and conference content,
  • Supporting one of seven subcommittees through tactical assignments, 
  • Leading a group of 4-12 volunteers to complete a milestone goals, and
  • Much more!

Learn more about WE Local U.S.’s volunteer structure with one simple click, download today.

Interested in Learning More? 

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WE Local takes place all around the world.