Meet the Team

WE Local conferences in North America are not possible without the generous work of internal and external stakeholders. Conferences are created by SWE Headquarters and the WE Local Advisory Board (LAB) with support from the WE Local Host Committee(s) (LHC).

The LAB provides guidance and insight on the strategy and programming of WE Local, and serve as ambassadors for the program. The LHC provides the "voice of the member" as to what's unique and important to the local area.

To learn more about WE Local opportunities, view the 2019 WE Local structure. If you are interested in joining the LAB or one of five LHCs, contact

Meet the WE Local Advisory Board Members

Katharine Gamble
Katharine Gamble FY19 Chair
Senior Systems Engineering Lead, Special Projects, Ashburn, VA

Fun Fact: My name has flown in space! My name was etched into a printed circuit board flown on one of the satellites I helped to build during graduate school.
Nicole Woodman
Nicole Woodman FY19 Chair Elect
Facilities Electrical Engineer, Intel Corporation, Portland, OR

Fun Fact: I love to roller skate.
Nicole Woon
Nicole Woon FY18-19
Program Manager, Microsoft, Seattle, WA

Fun Fact: I enjoy traversing the world with my camera with a long-term goal of visiting all 50 states (84% of the way there!).
Elizabeth Hurley
Elizabeth Hurley FY18-19
Quality Engineer, Rocklin, CA

Fun Fact: I won the Drama and Latin awards in high school.
Jenny Morikawa
Jenny Morikawa FY18-19
Manufacturing Engineering Vehicle Systems Business Planner, General Motors, Detroit, MI

Fun Fact: I’m a Taiwanese American who is 1/32 Dutch.
Kristina George
Kristina George FY19-20
Asset Integrity Engineer, Magellan Midstream Partners, LP, Tulsa, OK

Fun Fact: Food is my love language! While being an industrial engineer has me constantly thinking about efficiency, the grocery store is still one place I take my time to find new ingredients, brands, etc. While many of my meals are simple, I love hosting friends around a great meal!
Kim Orouke
Kim O'Rourke FY19-20
Business Operations Specialist, Boeing, San Juan Capistrano, CA

Fun Fact: I’m a certified yoga instructor and my hobby is glass fusing art.
Jennifer Winikus
Dr. Jennifer Winikus FY19-20
Teaching Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University at Buffalo, the State University of New York, Buffalo, NY

Fun Fact: Western NY is my home, and my home away from home is the Keweenaw Peninsula in Michigan.
Evette Stroble
Evette Stroble FY19-20
Electronics Engineer, FAA, Moore, OK

Fun Fact: I detest working out, but I have developed a love for CrossFit, AKA suffering.
Marta Wicke
Marta Wick FY19-20
Strategic Project Manager, The Clorox Company, San Ramon, CA

Fun Fact: I survived two years without running water or electricity as a Peace Corps volunteer in southern Africa.
Wendy Obenauf
Wendy Obenauf FY19-20
Quality Engineering Lead, Air Manufacturing Innovation, Nike, Inc, Portland, OR

Fun Fact: I am the proud Grandma of a 3 year old grandson!
Yvonne Simms
Yvonne Simms FY19-20
Retired from Boeing in 2014, Huntsville, AL

Fun Fact: I’m learning to paint using water colors!
Vanessa Velasco
Vanessa Velasco Senior Manager, WE Local
Fun Fact: When I am happy, you will see me randomly twirling, kicking up a leg or two, or dancing.
Mackenzie Morgan
Mackenzie Morgan Events Coordinator
Fun Fact: I have swum with sharks in Hawaii and plan to swim with Great Whites in Australia one day.

Meet the Local Host Committee Chairs

Leslie Abrahams
Leslie Abrahams WE Local Baltimore Chair
Research Staff Member, Science and Technology Policy Institute, Washington, D.C.

Fun Fact: I’ve been glacier hiking at Wrangell-St. Elias National Park in Alaska.
Sandy Pettit
Dr. Sandy Pettit WE Local Tampa Chair
Instructor, Dept. of Chemical Engineering, University of South Florida, Tampa, FL

Fun Fact: I have participated in 23 annual SWE conferences (since 1992)!
Clair Frey
Claire Frey WE Local St. Louis Chair
Managing Member, VCGN Holdings, LLC, Webster Grove, MO

Fun Fact: I enjoy renovating old houses.
Mega Schulze
Megan Schulze PMP, WE Local Denver Chair
Project Manager, Dewberry, Denver, CO

Fun Fact: Megan (pronounced Mee-gan) is a dual citizen of Australia and the USA!
Dana Day
Dana Day WE Local Bellevue Chair
Integration Engineer, The Boeing Company, Kenmore, WA

Fun Fact: I was a soccer referee from age 12-22.

SWE Headquarters Support

Trish Kolar
Trish Kolar Senior Manager, Administrative Services
WE Local Awards Subcommittee HQ Support
Valerie Bland
Valerie Bland Senior Manager of Professional Programs
Review 2019 Sessions

Fun Fact: I love to follow the Chicago Cubs, listen to music and talk radio shows, attend cultural activities, volunteer, explore the city of Chicago and work jigsaw puzzles.
Camryn Wagner
Camryn Wagner Coordinator, Professional Programs
Review 2019 Sessions

Fun Fact: The emoji with a smirk best captures me.
Darcy Anderson
Darcy Anderson Coordinator, Outreach

Fun Fact: I have had many pets including dogs, cats, horses, ground squirrels, crows, turkeys and a duck named Ping.
Monica Cutrone
Monica Cutrone Business Development Manager, Strategic Partnerships
Sponsorship Subcommittee HQ Support

Fun Fact: I love aromatherapy and am very interested in alternative healing methods. In my free time, I create various concoctions to improve psychological well-being. If you’re at SWE HQ, you might smell my “focus” blend which consists of peppermint, rosemary, lemon and bergamot essential oils.
Trenyce McCoy
Trenyce McCoy Coordinator, Event Services
Social Subcommittee HQ Support

Fun Fact Two years ago, I started an NFL Stadium Tour. Nine down, 22 to go!

For more information about WE Local, please review the LHC-301 document.