For many years, WE Local events were coordinated by SWE section and region volunteers. Their expertise and dedication to producing events was invaluable, and their contributions continue as they partner with SWE Headquarters to bring WE Local events to their regions.

WE Local is comprised of SWE Headquarters and two volunteer committees: WE Local Advisory Board (LAB) and the WE Local Host Committee (LHC).

Download the WE Local Overview Guide for more information. Please note, the Overview Guide is a working document and is subject to change.

WE Local Advisory Board (LAB)

LAB is made up of 10 SWE members from a variety of market segments, including academia, industry, and government. LAB volunteers serve as ambassadors and stewards for the WE Local program. The group is committed to providing ideas on how to address WE Local initiatives as well as recommendations for programming.

WE Local Host Committee (LHC)

For each WE Local conference, there is a LHC of 10-15 volunteers who serve for one year. The LHC provides a voice for the WE Local member on what’s unique and important to the local area. This includes suggestions for venue, themes, entertainment, tours and the recruitment of speaker submissions.

Thank You!

Thank you to the 2017 WE Local Advisory Board and WE Local Host Committee members who make WE Local possible. View the complete list of participating members.


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