Nominate Your City to Host Next WE Local Conference

WE Local is now accepting online submissions for 2019 and 2020 WE Local conferences. The deadline to submit a 2019 host city nomination is May 31, 2017 and for 2020 is September 30, 2017.

Application Sample Questions

  1. Who may comprise the WE Local Host Committee?
  2. In a few sentences, explain the reasons why you are recommending this location.
  3. List any universities/SWE Collegiate Sections in close proximity of the proposed location.
  4. Is there a proposed WE Local conference venue that can host 500 attendees including a 100 attendee SWENext Outreach event?

Don’t forget to indicate what year you are interested in hosting a WE Local conference.

Host City Criteria

Prior to applying, WE Local has outlined a criteria for conference site selection to include the following, but not limited to, items:

  1. Universities (are there universities in the area where undergrad/grad can attend)
  2. Conference venue (is there appropriate function space?)
  3. Transportation (is the conference easily accessible and affordable by plane, train or automobile)
  4. Section/region members (did a member nominate this city)

In order to bring the conference to WE Local members around the United States, WE Local will not consider cities if the host city:

  1. Held a SWE and/or region event within the past three years
  2. Held a SWE annual conference in the past five years or will be hosting a SWE annual conference in the next five years

For more questions regarding WE Local city selection, contact